Our vision and commitment present at all the levels of our chain activities.

We recycle our oil into soaps, collect used batteries, and work with vulnerable ADDEV women to collect our non organic waste.

We use honeycomb bathrobes that save water during washing. We prefer electrical equipment that reduce energy consumption.

With local associations

We supports many associations in the country.

  • We train and hire some staff from orphanages or associations working with disadvantaged communities (TOPAZA).
  • We collect and give home linens & stuff to: : BP FIHAVANANA – SESAME – MIARTDIA – SARDINE – AVENIR ET PARTAGE
  • The Hotel allows many associations to exhibit their works: MIARTDIA – ASSOCIATION SARDINE – BP FIHAVANANA


The Louvre is also committed to sustainable development in partnership with Vohitra Environnement. During a reforestation day, our teams put anti-erosion plants (including palissandre) with a high O2 production capacity. Some trees and plants, such as lemongrass or mulberry trees, provide additional income for the local population, who will follow-up.

ZUMBA & YOGA for all

We want to make sure that our employees work in the best conditions. For example, ZUMBA and YOGA classes are offered for the well-being of our teams.

Stefana Sbirkova, general manager, and her teams, placing environment, social and ethical causes at the center of their activities.